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BÖKK has opened it's first POP UP store on the 26th of November.

Address is Katrínartún 4. Entrance is on the right side of the restaurant FLAME.

Opening hours:

Mið 6. desember 14:30-18:30

fös 8. desember 14:30-17:00

Lau 9. desember 13:00-15:00

Lau 16. desember 13:00-15:00

mán 18. desember 14:30-18:00

þri 19. desember 14:30-18:00

mið 20. desember 14:30-18:00

fim 21. desember 14:30-18:00

fös 22. desember 14:30-18:00

Bökk's new logo

The logo is simple, minimalist and memorable. But its main meaning is of course an abstract version of the icelandic letter Ö, but it can be interpreted in various ways.

By breaking the cycle, we show that we go beyond the norm and are brave.
But we can also see all kinds of things out of these simple shapes.